• Why a Premium For Designer Adaptive Jeans?

    Would you rather wear a pair of $200 jeans 50 times or a $20 pair one time? Do the math, and you will find that the designer pair will be worn man...
  • Is Shopping in a Wheelchair Hassle-Free?

    Shopping is rarely hassle-free, too little aisle space and inaccessible “accessible” dressing rooms. And when I went to exchange a pair of jeans, I...
  • How can Adaptive Clothing Improves Special Needs Person?

    Adaptive clothing is a type of clothing tailored for people who may have trouble dressing. Being designed in such a way that individuals of special needs can either dress without experiencing difficulty or a helper do it for them. The growing fashion industry is beginning to pay heed towards people of special needs and turning towards the way of designing apparel, jeans, and accessories for them that is comfortable and fashionable to wear. Having the freedom to dress oneself even when it can be a discomfort leaves a positive difference in the individual’s life. Adaptive clothing is a suitable solution for the common problem of having difficulty finding comfortable, fashionable and easy to wear clothing.
  • Essential Adaptive Equipment for People with Disabilities

    Technology has brought uncountable advantages in our lives. It has provided us with ease and convenience at every step and phase in our life. We ar...
  • Styles for Adaptive Clothing

    Are you aware of the adaptive clothing and the easiness and comfort it causes? Adaptive clothing is special clothing for the ones who have some physical disability. Their disability requires some special sort of clothing to be used so that they can function appropriately without facing many difficulties. Like every person has the right to live their life the way they want, the ones with disabilities have got that right as well.
  • 3 Things To Know Before Purchasing Adaptive Clothing For Your Loved Ones

    Life is very tough for people who are disabled. It can be even tougher when a disability occurs that leaves you wheelchair-bound after you have spent most of your life healthy and abled. This affects and changes a lot of things, creating differences between ordinary people and those who are either not as abled due to unfortunate accidents or simply old age. One of these differences could include the inability to wear fashionable clothing, which can lead to the negative emotions of feeling left out. But what if you could have both; clothes that are appropriate, comfortable and well suited for people who are differently-abled but also are fashionable at the same time? In other words, adaptive clothing. These types of clothes are designed specifically for people who are not as physically abled but at the same time are trendy; beauty and attractiveness are not compromised.
  • Improve Your Life with Adaptive Clothing

    Comfortable clothing that makes you look and feel great is hard to find when you are able-bodied, but when you also need to take your wheelchair into consideration, it can be downright impossible.
  • Why is Fashion Important for Adaptive Clothing?

    There's far more to clothing than simply keeping you warm and dry. Your clothing not only impacts how other people see you, but it also impacts how you see yourself. In a series of experiments conducted by psychological scientists from California State University, Northridge and Columbia University, researchers found that clothing can change how we think entirely.