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How can Adaptive Clothing Improves Special Needs Person?

Adaptive clothing is a type of clothing tailored for people who may have trouble dressing. Being designed in such a way that individuals of special needs can either dress without experiencing difficulty or a helper do it for them. The growing fashion industry is beginning to pay attention to people of special needs and turning towards the way of designing apparel, jeans, and accessories for them that is comfortable and fashionable to wear. Having the freedom to dress oneself even when it can be a discomfort leaves a positive difference in the individual’s life. Adaptive clothing is a suitable solution for the common problem of having difficulty finding comfortable, fashionable and easy to wear clothing.

What a person wears reflects their identity and style. A person with a disability are tended to according to their needs, but it is also essential to ensure suitable clothing for them.

Clothing Frustration Wheelchair People Experience:

Being in a wheelchair often leaves a person in a hopeless situation due to various diseases. One of the things that can increase the mobility of people with special needs is Adaptive clothing. Adaptive clothing can be more accessible as:

  • Velcro is used instead of zippers or buttons.
  • Flat seams are adapted to reduce friction, whereas seams can often irritate the skin as it is pressed often against the skin when using a wheelchair.
  • Adaptive pants and trousers ensure no constraint when worn as they make it easier to open from the side and adjustable.
  • For people who face an inability to move their joints or muscles, Open back clothing allows dressing easier instead of the front. It is made more comfortable with the help of magnets and Velcro.

Adaptable Jeans and Pants

Adaptable clothing is designed uniquely for people with disabilities for whom ordinary clothing can be harder to wear. Made with features such as Velcro, magnets, slip-on shoes, clothes that clamp at the back to make clothes easier and comfortable to wear for people with special needs. Many companies and websites have started selling adaptive clothing.

If the regular pants don’t fit people in wheelchairs, the issue is solved by replacing buttons and zippers with magnets and Velcro closures. Most of them open from the sides even though they look like ordinary pants.

Adaptive clothing enhances the comfort level while keeping the people with special needs close to fashion trends by making specific tweaks in regular clothing.

Wheelchair Accessories

There has been significant innovation in wheelchair accessories over the past couple of years. Some of them are, Wheelchair pouch: Wheelchair pouch or Quokka bags have magnetic snaps that aid in keeping essentials such as books, phone, and medicines in a place. Cup holder: To have an accessible place to hold beverages.

Adaptive clothing is vital as it provides a smart and safer option for people with disabilities.

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