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Why a Premium For Designer Adaptive Jeans?

Would you rather wear a pair of $200 jeans 50 times or a $20 pair one time? Do the math, and you will find that the designer pair will be worn many more times than a cheap pair. Eventually, the cheap ones will disappear into your closet. It's not only the material but also the cut, the fit, and the feeling which only a brand can deliver.

A good pair of jeans will have a long life ahead of them if chosen wisely. They never go out of style and last a lifetime. You can literally wear them torn or even with holes. On the other hand, a cheap pair may do the job, but it will not look as lovely, color may fade and most important you may not like wearing them. So, why buy them?

Premium and branded adaptive jeans come in various ranges from relaxed seated cut to skinny fits with hidden elastic waistbands or side snaps. Today, there is a wide variety you can select as your perfect fit. Premium denim costs more because of the craftsmanship, quality, and construction. That means higher-quality denim fabrics, technological innovations, and better overall fit. We all want denim that is not going to lose its shape and stretch out after a few wears. Premium denim will retain the same shape and feel like the first day you bought them.

So how do you know if the jeans are quality? Check the care tags. Look for mostly cotton (95%-98%) with a little Spandex or elastane for that comfortable, forgiving fit. Many of us live in denim, where most cheap denim stretches out quickly, so it has a shorter lifespan. And with some inexpensive dark washes rinse out and fade a lot quicker. Buy inexpensive jeans when they are trendy —but don't be frightened to invest in a designer pair that fits you perfectly. If you wear a $100 pair of jeans more than 200 times over the years you are spending $0.50 per wear.

Today, adaptive premium jeans offer a wheelchair user a variety of styles matching function for the easy to find the perfect pair you can wear every day.

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