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Why is Fashion Important for Adaptive Clothing?

There's far more to clothing than simply keeping you warm and dry. Your clothing not only impacts how other people see you, but it also impacts how you see yourself. In a series of experiments conducted by psychological scientists from California State University, Northridge and Columbia University, researchers found that clothing can change how we think entirely.

As an example, when participants in the study wore formal clothing, their ability to think abstractly improved. Wearing formal wear, such as the kind of clothing one might wear to a job interview, also improved their ability for global processing.

Of course, clothing doesn't just make a mental impression on you. It also helps determine how other people see you. No matter how much we'd love to think other people aren't judging a book by a cover, studies have also shown that we do in fact judge others by what you wear.

That's fine for able-bodied people who have unlimited shopping options, but what about for those confined to a wheelchair? Your options are not only limited by what you can get into, but also where you can shop. Many fashion boutiques are not wheelchair accessible and have no way for them to become so.

This flies in the face of the fashion industry's interest in alternatives. While famous brands such as Nike have come up with clothing options sensitive to the needs of disabled people, when the building itself will not admit you, it says a lot about how inclusive they truly are.

As it is, those who are confined to a wheelchair already have a huge part of their appearance decided for them. With no other choice but to be in a wheelchair, choosing an outfit becomes more important than ever. It's not just clothing. It's a chance to show people who you really are.

That's why seated clothing that makes you look and feel the way you want to is so important. Often, seated people must make a choice between clothing they can get into independently, and clothing that they like the look of.

Fortunately, thanks to a growth in the industry that's changing. Shopping online gives seated people the opportunity to look at a full range of clothing options without the challenge of accessibility, and there are now hundreds of different fashion options exclusively for seated users.

FUSCI, Tommy Adaptive, ve°, MagnaReady, and FFORA all offer clothing that seated wearers will find more comfortable and safer to wear in a wheelchair, while also looking nice.

A healthy self-image reflects in every part of our daily lives. It decides where you will work, how you think, and how people who first meet you think of you. When you know you look great, it changes how you interact with others, and how they interact with you.

That makes the search for great clothing difficult, but also necessary. Like it or not, fashion is a big part of who we are.

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