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Seated Clothing Advantages and Fit

Jeans, Pants, Chinos, & Joggers

  • Pants have a seated shape for a comfortable fit!
  • No back pockets mean no pressure points. Able jeans have rivets.
  • Extra-long leg for the seated position. Covers ankles.
  • Elastic waistband adapts itself to the body optimally and provides a permanent seated fit even when transferring into the car.
  • Wide and twice stitched belt loops make it easier to pull and provide a long durability.
  • Zips down to the inseam, making it easier for bladder management.
  • Hook hidden under the false button so it’s easy to open and close, even for people with limited finger movement.

Tops and Jackets

  • Shortened front and extended back conforms to the seated position.
  • Double-Zip fastener on jackets prevents seam are from riding up.

Rolli Women's Pants Sylvie Fit (Basic)

 Rolli Women's Pants Katie Fit (Slim)

Rolli Women's Pants Stella Fit (Comfy)


Rolli Men's Pants Joe Fit (Regular)

Rolli Men's Pants Mike Fit (Slim)

Men's Bombini Jogger